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Flashback to 2012: I became just the second person in my family to graduate college with my BS in Finance & Economics. At that point I thought I had really made it and accomplished something. The hard work was over, right? I was so, so wrong and many misconceptions I had about school and transitioning into the working world became clear. My goal was to return home to New York and get a job in Finance so I could work as close as possible to two things I was fascinated about: economic markets and businesses.

Having gone to your quintessential “Non-Target” school – which, for those of you unfamiliar with the competitive dynamic internships or jobs in finance, my school was absolutely NOT somewhere companies went to recruit – so I knew I had an uphill battle in the job market. A small southeastern school without an accredited business program or notable alumni did not pair well with my subpar (at best) GPA and lack of connections in NYC.I quickly realized that most universities, including my own, have pretty poor career services centers. With no idea how to arm myself with a great resume – you know, weapon #1 when it comes to the arsenal of a young job-seeking professional – I waded out into the waters of the job market.

Amidst the process of submitting 500+ applications, over 90% of which were done online with no referral, I knew the last thing I wanted was to get dinged for having a bad resume. So I spent countless hours mastering the do’s and dont’s of resumes and interviews, optimizing my own for industry keywords and algorithmic Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Since landing my first opportunity in management consulting, I”ve helped tons of colleagues, friends and family memers optimize their professional presence, prepare for interviews and write effective resumes leading to positions in Finance, Banking, Management Consulting, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Sales, Commercial Real Estate, Accounting, Financial Technology, Digital Media, Operational Risk, etc.


“After knowing Adam for years I knew he would be my go to person when looking for a career move. When I first reached out to him I was taken aback by the attention to detail that he showed. Everyone knows resumes are a huge part of landing the perfect position or making the career move you want but he showed me what separate’s a great one from a good one. After multiple meetings I had much more confidence when submitting a resume, walking into a interview, and speaking about what separates my background from others. Now that I’ve been able to get where I want to be, I have friends and acquaintances coming to me for career and resume advice. I’d highly recommend his services.” Brad Fretti, CFA

Investment Analyst, H.I.G. Capital

“For most people, writing or even updating your resume is a daunting task. How does one include in 1-2 pages every detail of their current and past jobs and really try to sell themselves. As year 5 rolled around of my career, I decided I needed to be more competitive with my resume to really take my career to the next level. What I initially put together was probably decent enough to get a little attraction from recruiters but when I turned to Adam for guidance he took something mediocre and made it outstanding. First off, Adam’s turnaround time was lightening speed filled with not only a ton of detail – but questions. These questions challenged me to really dig deep into what key points of each role I have had over the past 5 years and how they made me grow. He took the time to understand my advertising background and even did some research on his own to see what types of jobs were out there so we knew where to tailor my resume to trigger keywords. My one page resume turned into two pages of precision. As I explore new options to continue my career, I know I have a resume that stands out and shows my potential thanks to Adam” Lauren Hannon

Director, Digital Client Performance, Remedy Health Media

“I was hoping to leave an impression on Adam that would help in my job search. Instead, Adam left an impression on me that helped with my job search. I was hoping for some tips on how to get into consulting, and had the luxury of Adam mentoring me about items I didn’t even know were important in the industry. What I ended up getting was an end to end process on more than just how to get a job as a consultant, but also how to excel in consulting.

Adam went above and beyond in taking the time to give me all of the resources I needed in order to be successful given my objectives. Whether it was coaching me on the phone for two hours after a 12 hour day, or devoting time on a weekend to give advice on my resume, Adam did whatever was necessary and was bullish on ensuring that he set me up for success. He exemplifed work ethic in every breath, which was contagious, inspiring me to drastically improve my delivery and feel confident on what I was communicating in interviews and other recruiting-related correspondence.

The most impressive part was that he never simply gave me the correct answers, but took the time to get to know me and prompt me in ways that would allow me to develop conclusions that I not only believed, but could storyboard in a compelling way to leave positive impressions on potential employers.Not only did I feel well equipped to write my own resumes in the future, but now feel well equipped to provide the meaningful support to individuals that are in the same shoes I was once in…” Jheryl Cabey

Management Consultant, KPMG - Operational Risk Consulting


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