The High Performance Lab

Focuses on supporting a proactive approach to addressing the massive knowledge gap most people have when it comes to wholistic health & performance. The data already shows, folks who are seeking information and learning – aka higher “Health IQs” – are being rewarded with healthier and higher performing lives.

In the age of information (and sometimes content overload) the High Performance Lab focuses on providing a wealth of distilled, actionable content + information for you to implement in a personalized way using our simple + repeatable process and highly leverageable tools.

Areas of Focus

Humans and our transformation (or destruction) are becoming the next platform. Nutrition covers the inputs which determine nearly all of our health & performance outputs from near term quality of life to fitness and longevity.
Evolution has taken us on a long ride. Modern technology and overall lifestyle has us leading stagnant lives 100% “above the shoulders”. Leading research increasingly shows that our physical structure and self is not simply following the mind around like a puppet – it has a much larger impact on our health.
Today we have declining mental + emotional health and a deteriorating ability to focus on deep & meaningful work – impacting our our state of mind, well being and ability to perform. We’ll focus on ways you can proactively combat these issues.

The How: High Performance Method

What’s the point of adopting unsustainable habits? We don’t think there’s much value because you’re simply realizing an unimportant percentage of near term benefits that fade fast…

By providing educational content, insight articles and podcast interviews along with leverageable tools to help you succeed – the next step is a repeatable process for health & performance that you can personalize on your own terms.

Designed with simplicity in mind, HPM is a three-step process grounded in two seemingly disparate concepts. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy for continuous improvement (Kaizen) and the Build-Measure-Learn approach of many successful startup companies.


Each of us has an innate ability to “be our own doctor” once we tap into a level of heightened self-awareness. Getting in tune with our mental/physical/spiritual state is essential for identifying areas where we would like to improve or rebalance.

Continuous Self Assessment (CSA) is the basis for our entire method – by positioning yourself to identify opportunities (inventory) or areas big and small to fix, improve or rebalance.

Based on preliminary knowledge, research, trusted content providers and conversations with healthcare/medical professionals you can begin to prioritize your opportunities.


The data proves it: those who are intentionally seeking information, knowledge and an overall higher “Health IQ” are being rewarded. By seeking information around the areas you prioritized, you’re building a habit of Continuous Learning (CL) that serves as a cornerstone for planning and goal-setting.

Once you’re comfortably researched – Design a plan using realistic and time bound approach to establishing goals, called SMART.

The key now, is simply to Start – inaction is the number one reason people fail to make progress toward any goal. And you’ll see why starting becomes so valuable in the next phase…


How does one continuously improve?

Continuous Improvement (CI) is just like a good recipe – it’s the result of quality ingredients, attention to detail and appreciation for the process leading up to the final product. So with the High Performance Method, it starts with ensuring you paid as much attention as possible to the previous steps.

A chef does not perfect a recipe overnight. Amazon didn’t have customer satisfaction on day one. In either case, multiple iterations of the recipe came out sub-par, previous versions of Amazon’s platform received customer feedback that was far from glowing. The High Performance Method encourages experimentation and a shift to where humans start thinking of themselves as platforms that can be optimized too.

The same way taste-tests and customer feedback perfected the recipe or amazon…Observations derived from experimenting and tracking your own progress put you into position to make adjustments and iterations to your very own human platform.

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