Focus Areas

Three key levers for higher health & performance

Ground zero for total health & performance. Nutrition is the largest determinant in how we fuel (or destroy) our bodies and predicates nearm term quality of life and eventual longevity.


Evolution has taken us on a long ride. Modern technology and lifestyles have us leading stagnant lives existing 100% above the shoulders. Movement is not fitness, it’s the structural integrity and pain free motion our bodies were designed for.

Mental & Cognitive Health

Mental & emotional health, foucs, cognitive acuity, memory recall and overall state of mind impact many different things. But too many of us overlook how we must tie mind and body together with the physical to achieve health “upstairs”.

High Performance Methodology

A Seriously Simple Approach to Health + Performance
Our focus is on playing the long game. If you can’t sustain health habits you’re accumulating an unimportant percentage of benefits in the short term that fade quickly. Simple, easy to implement insights and educational content empower you to dictate your own expectations and make adjustments to a personalized approach to health & performance.

Designed with simplicity in mind, HPM™ is a three step process grounded in the scientific method and proven continous improvement practices. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy for continuous improvement called Kaizen and the “Build-Measure-Learn” approach of many successful startup companies, we marry together three continuous habits: assessment, learning and improvement.

Individual health & performance correlates with self-awareness. Being in tune with your mind, body and spiritual or emotional state is essential for identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Building a habit of Continuous Self-Assessment (CSA) puts you in the best position to inventory opportunities (big or small) for you to improve health & performance across Nutrition, Movement and Mental & Cognitive.

Prioritize your opportunities based on preliminary knowledge, research, conversations with healthcare professionals and leveraging content from trusted sources like Izsights.

1a) Continuous Self Assessment (CSA)

1b) Identify + Inventory Opportunities

1c) Prioritize Opportunities

Continuous Learning (CL) requires that you be intentional

Seek Information and answers around areas you prioritized in the assessment phase by looking for research, tools to leverage and the right advice. Izsights provides content, examples, templates and easy to leverage methods & tools to track progress and learn in a personalized way.

Next, Design a plan with realistic and time-bound goals. Establishing SMART goals is critical for your success.

The key to learning is to Start. Most people fail as a result of never starting, which is crucial for acquiring personalized data & observations used for adjustments in your approach.

2a) Continuous Learning (CL)

2b) Seek Information 

2c) Design a Plan

2d) Start 

The foundation for Continuous Improvement (CI) starts in the Learning phase when you design a plan, seeking information and methods & tools to track & measure progress.

Startup companies all have different products, services & customers much the same way each of us as individuals have personalized biological settings. But all startups leverage Build Measure Learn to acquire information & feedback. The latest and greatest products, softwares and services are always an improvement over version 1.0, right? Making observations and generating your own feedback is the key to making adjustments leading to your own personal version 2.0.

3a) Continous Improvement (CI)

3b) Track & Measure

3c) Observe

3d) Adjust

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