Adam goes on a solo mission for this episode to dive deep into stress management. In this long-form podcast, we talk through how to define the concept of stress given its subjective nature, the different categories of stress, why it’s healthy in manageable doses, how our stress response works, the evolution of stress up until the modern day and finish off with our six strategies for managing stress and not letting it manage youw up in.

“All of the things which were designed as a response to keep us alive (thousands of years ago) and defend against real threats…they’re now stagnant and manifesting themselves internally – and doing damage to our metabolic processes, overall health and leading to chronic disease…”

“The most important piece of managing stress is anticipating the stressful periods ahead and putting structure in place…”

The Beats

You heard it here first – we’re huge fans of old school hip hop especially from the big apple, so an essential part of every episode will be the beats we use for the intro/outro and segways.

Intro/Outro:  Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest

Segways: Halftime by Nas

Show Notes

  • Intro [start to 6:30]
  • Stove Top Beatz [6:40 to 8:20]
  • Six (6) Stress Management Strategies [8:30 to 45:20]
  • Honing in On The Concept of Stress [45:30 to 54:15]
  • How our Stress Response Works: A Hypothetical Scenario (this is where big foot comes in) [54:30 to 58:30]
  • How our Stress Response Works: Play by Play [58:45 to 1:04:15]
  • Common Signs & Symptoms [1:04:30 to 1:11:00]
  • Evolution of The Stress Response [1:11:15 to 1:19:28]
  • American Psychological Association: Snapshot of Statistics [1:19:45 to 1:24:45]
  • Closing Thoughts [1:25:00 to 1:26:00


Show Host

Adam M. Ismaeil, aka Iz

Adam M. Ismaeil, aka Iz

Founder of Izsights, Host of High Performance Lab

Show Guest

Sasquatch, aka Big Foot

Sasquatch, aka Big Foot

Lord of The Pacific Northwest

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