To kick things off, Adam’s good friend Conor Bollinger steps in to host the show and interview adam on his background story and motivation for starting the High Performance Lab. In this conversation Adam brings us up to speed on his background and the evolution of his thought process that led to identifying a massive gap in health & performance knowledge for most people. In the last 15 minutes, enjoy a rapid fire segment with questions ranging from their least favorite subway line to what decade each would have loved to grow up in.

“I genuinely believe good opportunities come to you, or your own ideas become opportunities, when you’re working your ass off and doing the right things for the right reasons…”

“My goal from the start, somehwat selfishly, was to start building an online presence around somethign I was passioante about..and I’ve recently had my eyes opened to the fact that if you’re not starting something your passionate about online, at least giving it a shot, then your losing ground in an era where the costs to start are virtually zero.”

The Beats

Intro/Outro:  Blow Horn Joint Off of DJ Premier’s Beatz That Collected Dust, Volume 1

Segways: Flava in Ya Ear by Craig Mack

Show Notes

  • Upfront Intro to the Podcast [ 0:00:00 to 0:06:26 ]
  • On Air with Conair
  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @performtrue@highperformancelab
  • Episode Introduction Hosted by Conor [ 0:06:48 to 0:11:54 ]
  • Adam’s Story [ 0:12:15 to 0:33:25 ]
  • What led to starting Perform True [ 0:33:30 to 0:42:23 ]
  • Short term and long term goals of the brand [ 0:42:43 to 0:46:55 ]
  • What differentiates perform true from the other health & performance brands [ 0:47:06 to 0:49:23 ]
  • Adam’s response to “you’re out of your gourd”  [ 0:49:32 to 0:51:46 ]
  • Conor and Adam share what they’re most excited about [ 0:51:54 to 0:53:50 ]
  • Rapid Fire Questions [ 0:54:10 to 1:01:30 ]
  • Closing Thoughts by Adam [ 1:01:47 to 1:05:42]

Show Host

Conor Bollinger

Conor Bollinger

Amateur Elite Triathlete, Host of OnAir W/Conair

Show Guest

Adam M. Ismaeil, aka Iz

Adam M. Ismaeil, aka Iz

Founder of Izsights, Host of High Performance Lab

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