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A Failing + Reactive Healthcare Model

Many are quick to cite a failing healthcare system. One that doesn’t provide for everyone. One that doesn’t provide enough for those covered. One that lets too many slip through the cracks. Too few are talking about how fundamentally flawed the model is. We are now discussing symptoms of the model without addressing the root cause of it’s systematic issues. A macrocosm for the reactive way in which healthcare is delivered by professionals to individuals.

We’ve grown reliant on this process of treating pain or symptoms with prescribed medical procedures or pharmaceuticals. Our failing “system” is less dramatic when we fix the model itself…

It’s time to take responsibility for our own health @ the individual level – despite it being easier to continue to pass the buck, blindly relying on the opiniions of MDs and “professionals to dictate every facet of our expectations for health, performance, longevity, quality of life, etc.

The truth, these days, is in the data – showing how our reactive model has failed wildly and in actuality no longer deserves our blind trust. Any data on this page has been captured from other sources (which I’ll be citing soon) and merely reflects my research, analysis and most importantly my interpretation.


The Current State

The last 100 – 120 years of health in America has been a struggle. Something is fundamentally wrong.

Despite rapid innovation in technology + medicinal capabilities like “wonder drugs” – chronic disease is increasingly an epidemic globally and the current generation is the first with a shorter life-expectancy than the previous.

The numbers below focus on Chronic Disease, Physical Health and Mental + Cognitive Health – to help give you a contemporary perspective on where we’ve landed today with flawed science and poor guidance from the powers that be.

Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is largely a function of lifestyle. The current generation is the first in America with a smaller life expectancy than our parents and grandparents. Conventional wisdom isn’t telling you that your lifestyle choices – nutrition, movement, mental state – is what your body’s innate medicine system needs to reverse these trends.
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Globally will face Cancer in their lifetime


American are Obese today - up from 16% in 1978 when initial DGA introduced.


Increase in Diabetes from 1978 to 2013


Americans projected with Heart Disease by 2030

Physical Health

Humans were designed to move and to be resilient against disease + injury out of an evolutionary need to survive and keep the species going. Modern lifestyles have us sitting too much, living lives 100% above the shoulders.
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Percent of healthcare costs attributed to stagnant lifestyles

Average hours an adult sits each day


Percentage of people globally who will be impacted by back pain in their lifetime


Percentage of American adults (over 18) who suffer musculo-skeletal injuries lasting longer than 3 months

Billions of dollars - the size of the 2014 Physical Therapy market in 2014; expected to grow at 7% compounded annually


Higher mortality rate for women who sit more than 6 hours per day

Mental Health

Modern lifestyles – packed with technology and inactivity – and increasingly less physical/social connections coupled with the crutch of failing pharmaceutical approaches have us struggling to focus, remain calm and centered.
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Americans who cite high stress as a result of constant connection to digital devices


Americans need a digital detox - yet only 28% feel like they can actually take a break


Adults suffer from Anxiety

43,000 - the number of suicides in America each year; up 19% since 2007

Searching for Answers

War on Fat to a War on Sugar?

Globally, we're stressed and anxious...

Even Overwhelmed...

And Looking For Ways To Manage It

Modern Lifestyles Hurt. Literally.

Generating Concerns.

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