Don’t Shy Away from High Standards

High performance requires high expectations and setting high standards for yourself and those around you. Developing influence requires the same. If you want to have more influence, start by expecting more from yourself and don’t shy away from the high standards of others.

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21 Carb Keto Chocolate Shake

A challenge for most people trying to stick with a high-fat/low-carb protocol like the ketogenic diet is avoiding treats. Especially during the adaptation phase where your body is making a shift to burning fat as it's primary fuel source instead of glucose. Now, I'm...

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Upgraded Protein Shake

A typical morning for me focuses on reducing the variation in my routine - so that includes breakfast - which happens to be my favorite meal. I'm someone who can eat breakfast for, well, breakfast, lunch and dinner on consecutive days. Over the years, I've realized...

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Why I Started A More Personal Platform

-- Scott Galloway: Entrepreneur, Professor @ NYU Stern, Author of 'The Four' Before you guys dive into this post much further I'd love it for you to read the quote by Scott Galloway above, give him a quick Googley Googley Google and maybe even listen to his appearance...

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Five Finance Tips for Millennial Mindfulness

For millennials, one of the largest sources of stress lies in our financial freedom and destiny. As of 2012 there were 92 million millennials [1] – the largest generation in our nation’s history. Today that number is around 79.8 million, according to Pew Research...

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